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Visit : or search kenny2wap on google thank u party2.gif
How to play java games on android phone (2)
Just download J2ME LOADER Or J2me emulator check playstore or download it on phoneky or search it on google Enjoy!
Tutorial 1 how to hack java game (1)
Click on that link and read carefully
How to hack java games with diamoad Gold (4)
For those of you that want to hack java games go to my channels and download ultimate java hacker and open the rms editor the type the password 12345
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I'm hacking java games now [43]
Which game do you want to be hacked i will post it??
I'm back (8)
If you want to learn how to hack facebook account wifi password, gmail, java games, Android games, instagram, whatsApp Message me now
apology words (0)
Apologize to all my subscribes, i just realized that some games i uploaded were not working but no worries just go to and download the one
Translating java games (4)
Drop any game In my channel you want to translate to english or any other language i will translate it
Tutorial to hacking java games .... (0)
Section-0.A: Requirements This is going to be a brief tutorial over hacking In-game values of Java Games. I personally follow this method[
Hacked java games and android games (0)
If you want hacked java games, cheat codes, tutorial to hack java games and android games chat me up
Mobile games hacker (0)
If you want hacked java games chat me up or you want cheat codes and you want to learn how to hack java games and android games chat me up

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